selection of articles and essays

La peste soit des pesticides (pesticides in wine)
Cosa c'è nel vino? (what is in wine?)
il vino naturale esiste e si fa in vigna (natural wine does exist and it is made in the vineyard)
Water grab in the Himalayas
What does Google want?
Cloud generating on October 14th 2014 off the coast of Sardinia (Maremma deluge)
Cloud generating off the coast of Genova October 9h 2014 (Genova deluge)
Julian Assange: "The God of Mass-Surveillance"
"Big Brother Punktesystem in China"
"The man who fooled the art business: Wolfgang Beltracchi"

two academic studies on the Utopian township Auroville in Soth India
Shanti Pillai, Auroville: Philosophy, performance and power in an international utopian community in South India, New York, 2005 (Mb 45)
Jukka Jouhki, Imagining the Other: Orientalism and Occidentalism in Tamil-European Relations in South India, Jyväsyklä University, Jyväskylä, 2006 (Mb 1,3)